What Attracts Mosquitoes To Humans

We will come to the summer months now, and meanwhile more time in the sun and more family gatherings, that also means the mosquitoes will return to greet a long visit. Why do mosquitoes feel the need to disturb us? Here are some reasons why you are so tempted by small blood suckers.

First, everything comes down to sweat. When you sweat, mosquitoes know that you are just waiting to happen, mostly because it makes your scent such a way that makes it rather attractive. Sweating also contributes to a number of other factors that mosquitoes cannot suffice, such as body heat (because you sweat when it’s hot), moisture, and lactic acid. All three are things that mosquitoes look for normally, and you happen to have those qualities in one place. Exercising will definitely make you sweat out the trail of lactic acid along with making you moist and appetizing, so deciding to go jogging during the summer months might just be walking through the challenge of mosquitoes.

But that doesn’t stop there. Mosquitoes also want to do very well movements, meaning that everything you have to do is active and they will be ready to dive in to you. This is in line with exercise, which only shows that exercising outside is probably best done at times when the weather is rather cold because mosquitoes cannot stand cold temperatures.

When your barbecue starts, you will tend to talk more, which means you will spend more CO2 than usual, something which, unsurprisingly, mosquitoes like to die. The more you talk, the more you attract evil insects to spend time around you, hoping to get a chance to eat. The CO2 only acts as a target, directing them in the right direction, something the bonfire does too, so why do mosquitoes appear when the bird comes out.

All things that breathe also create something called octenol formed from the air you exhale and your saliva. This chemical is one that can be detected by mosquitoes up to 100 feet and is very loving. It seems like mosquitoes cannot get enough humans to interact with humans in any way.

Even stranger, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. You will think they will discriminate with their taste, but not. Wearing dark clothes paints your body, pulling mosquitoes left and right to see what this dark and delicious shape looks like.

None of these things will produce a mosquito attraction for you, but combine two, three, or even all of these together and you have a surefire way to make sure you bite the bites for days.