Angel Connection – How the Angelic Realm is Interacting With Humanity at This Historic Time

Angels, those divine beings of love and light, are here at this time in greater numbers than ever, to assist mankind in their evolution.

As we face a time of great challenge and upheaval in our world, seeing death, destruction, hate and war, we need to realize that we are experiencing a very important era in history. Although, from our limited point of view things may appear negative, we are experiencing fundamental changes that affect those who come after us for Millennia. The scenes are working overtime to guide and shape our new world, and within that framework, our new lives.

It is this exact time, as we are faced with unpleasant worldwide events, that we are truly aware of and re-examine our belief systems and our thought processes to see if we have been wrong or limited in our thinking. Every news story that we have another opportunity for us to evaluate ourselves, and therefore shift our consciousness into a higher level of truth and light. We cannot experience these profound shifts without affecting those around us to expand and grow, and at the same time causing profound changes in our very world as well.

Our evolution has a primary focus now on heart activation. As we open our hearts more and more now we experience change. And what a gift it is. We can feel a lot greater degree. We begin to love ourselves more, have more self-acceptance, and then we have a greater degree of love, acceptance and tolerance for others.
We begin to see and appreciate beauty in everything rather than focusing on the negative. Our eyes become open, we become responsible.

We are truly out of a darker age, toward the age of enlightenment, but we must let the old ones disappear to accept the new.

And so our Angel Leaders are here now, helping us and entertaining us. They provide new energy that feeds us, which empowers us, which lifts us in this time of great change, until we become strong enough to lift ourselves up and to support ourselves.

Ask them, and they will come to you. Talk to them and they will hear you and respond. Ask from your heart for their help and you will receive it. Send love to them and you will receive it ten times. How do you know that they can listen to you? Oh, you will find out, just try it.

Some people feel the presence around themselves when they call angels. Some may close their eyes and see one or many angels surrounding it.

Maybe you will hear them talking to you, or your mind will be filled with the answers you are looking for when you communicate with them. You can see it in your dreams or meditation. Maybe you will start experiencing small or large “coincidences” in your life, and also small or big miracles.

What is the best way to start a deeper relationship with your Angel? Just ask. Very easy.

Set aside personal time when you can be alone without interruption in a quiet place.

Close your eyes now, and start by focusing on your heart. Visualize a beautiful rose-colored light in the center of your chest, in the area of ​​your heart.

Start breathing deeply, inhale and exhale slowly. Begin to feel the warmth that grows there now and you will begin to see the beautiful light of the rose growing bigger. Now quietly pray. Sincerely ask for love, protection, healing, and peace.

And then humbly ask the Angels who are here to work with you to come into your life. State that you are willing and open to let it enter your life. And ask them to guide you, to show you what you need to know, to help you grow, to become a better person. You will then begin to experience very profound changes in your life.

You will most likely find that you are currently involved in active communication with them. Always make sure to ask for their help humbly, and always tell them how grateful you are for their gifts.

There are two important laws at work here that I want to convey to you. This law will help you to attract Angels into your life.

First, “Help” and “Thank You” are the two strongest expressions we can use. When you ask, you accept. When you show gratitude, you are even more blessed.

And second, “Likes to Attract Like”, which means that if you want to attract Angels into your life, start by relating to the side of your own Angel. Start living your own life as if you are an angel, treat others gently and with kindness.

Just hope for the best for others, practice “Without Judgment”, and try somehow, every day, make this world a better place.

With a strong background in Alternative Healing methods since 1987, Sherry brought all the tools to the table and integrated them into strong Reading Tarot, EFT Clearing Sessions, and Hypnosis Healing work. His background includes Tarot, Communication Guides for Angels and Spirits, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Intuitive Counseling and Counseling, Aura Interpretation and Balancing, and the Law of Job Interest.

Sherry has worked with thousands of people to bring balance and healing to their lives through one-on-one sessions, group presentations, workshops, distance healing and telephone consultations. He has written many articles and has appeared on television and radio, and has participated in countless health and self-help exhibitions. The style of presentation that lifts and empowers is very light and pleasant, and makes the transformation of your life easy and fun.

Humans Can Be Happy With 2 Hours of Sleep

It is known that modern people sleep around 7.5 hours per day on average. The study also found that sleep duration varies from person to person and generally gets shorter with aging: babies can sleep up to 12-18 hours per day, small children for 9-12 hours, teens around 8-10 hours, and adults from around 6 to 9 hours. It is also known that with the development of many chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, COPD, etc.), people generally need more time to sleep. Deliberate efforts to reduce sleep duration for all categories of people were unsuccessful, although some individuals may have shorter sleep requirements.

However, according to clinical observations about 200 Russian doctors practicing Buteyko’s self-oxygenation therapy, when ex-patients achieve superior body oxygenation, they naturally only need 2 hours of sleep and do not have the desire to sleep more. How does it work and why?

Almost all chronic conditions have tissue hypoxia (low body oxygenation) as a normal feature. In cases of cancer, heart disease, and COPD, poor cellular oxygenation is the main factor that determines disease progression and the treatment method used. At the same time, people’s breathing patterns relate or even define the body’s oxygenation. Let’s consider the connection between oxygenation, sleep, and breathing.

For people who are seriously ill and critically ill, oxygen is typically less than 10 in the body. (To measure oxygenation, exhale normally, and count the time to hold your breath in seconds, but only until the first signs of stress or first desire to breathe.) Most of these patients have very poor sleep quality, while sleep duration can up to 10-12 hours or more. The breathing patterns of these people, as we can see easily, deeply and heavily.

When these sick people reach around 35-40 seconds of oxygen in the body, they naturally only spend about 6 hours sleeping refreshingly. Most people who practice Buteyko oxygenation therapy are satisfied with this level of health because they do not experience the symptoms of their disease and do not need medication at this stage.

However, hundreds of Russians continue to progress further. They increase their body’s oxygenation for 2.5-3 minutes and find that their sleep time decreases naturally, once again without trying (!), To be just 2 hours. Dr. Buteyko and many of his medical colleagues are practical examples of this effect.

Amazingly, the same observation (about 2 hours of sleep in perfect health) can be found in books about other breathing training techniques “hatha yoga” (“hatha yoga” means “master breath”).

For both systems, hatha yoga and the Buteyko method, the goal is to reduce / hold breathing using special breathing exercises and natural methods. Physiologically, this goal makes sense because thousands of medical studies prove that the more we breathe (at rest), the less oxygen our tissue gets.

However, Buteyko’s method is more specific and scientific. It was developed by Doctor Buteyko during the 1960s when he led a secret project funded by the Soviet Ministry of Aviation and Space dedicated to the study of optimal air composition in spacecraft for the maximum oxygenation of the first Soviet astronauts. Buteyko studied the interactions between unconscious breathing patterns, breathing exercises, body oxygenation, and various systems of the human body. He realized that deep or large breathing reduced the body’s oxygenation and caused dozens of other physiological abnormalities.

There are different mechanisms for how the body’s breathing and oxygenation affect our sleep. They involve oxygenation and relaxation of our brain and muscles, central nervous system stability (excessive breathing makes nerve cells unstable), blood flow, work of the immune system, hormone activity, sympathetic parasympathetic balance, and many other processes.