Alternative Treatment for Cancer

After much exposure to the medical profession throughout my life I noticed that many diseases that affect people today have the same behavior. I have been exposed to this disease and behavior there. I am a trained nurse assistant, a profession that no longer exists today. Being a child who suffers from many conditions including coma and vegetation and oxygen and flow problems throughout my body. This life experience has given me direct experience of the recovery process. You can get along with many professional bodies and through conditions make you understand what is suffering from the body and what conditions allow the body to recover from life-threatening illnesses and serious illnesses.

As long as I was hospitalized before, my appointment with a doctor and watching over the people around me suffered with various elements that I thought about, what can I do to help my recovery? I witnessed many people around me with diseases similar to mine and also other diseases that reflected the same pattern even though there was a disease called a different name from my illness.

Some diseases include Personality Disorders, Mental Diseases, Behavioral Problems, Cancer, Irritable Bowl and Huntington’s chorea, Aids, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. I note that many of these diseases have similarities with those who show the same behavior so I decided to investigate my observations in more detail. The behavior that dominates in many of these diseases is the chronic nature, which means that one symptom must appear first, before the other can follow.

Each symptom shows an infectious disease that must be fully restored before other symptoms appear. Doctors see symptoms that appear to treat patients. Clear symptoms will be at the focal point and most likely will be taken easily by the doctor. Underlying effects will not be taken until symptoms are exposed and this can take several years to find the causes and effects of symptoms that are not exposed.

Oxygen is a major component of all the resources the body needs and it is very important that oxygen flows to all areas of the body internally to keep your organs healthy. Blocking your eternal system through previous injuries, internal bruising, scaring, parasitic infestations, bacterial infections have stopped the flow of oxygen to parts of your body’s system that cause disease or failure for the organs to work in the necessary way. When oxygen fails to reach the organ that is caused, the effects of rot begin to occur. Without oxygen, your internal organs will immediately become infectious and threaten the life of the entire body system.

All diseases have intelligence that stands alone and usually comes from the need to survive. Survival of intelligence has superior intelligence that stands alone and will challenge the rights to survive no matter how much it costs for the person it inflicts. I have seen this form of intelligence fool many very talented professionals. The disease seems to feed all the intelligence of the body’s system and all the intelligence that goes around people with disease. Survival intelligence becomes the most suitable battle and the strongest element of survival will be the winner. Survival of intelligence works behind the scenes to outsmart someone to encourage their survival. Survival uses mind games to outwit its opponents. In the survival game, winners will be determined by fighting people or diseases with the strongest survival skills.

Survival intelligence has a tendency to play mind games that can be easily recognized when patients exhibit unusual behavior with the nature of the situation. It is human nature to fear, fear or worry about any serious illness that can cause death. In many cases I noticed people who were very ill with the possibility of death playing a supporting role for others who were healthy and not in real danger. This behavior will be considered as a demonstration of the survival of the disease in the workplace and not of that person. It is important to recognize how to survive as normal and what is considered normal for someone who is faced with a survival situation. All survival situations require the behavior of a fighting mechanism to survive. When a patient has an attitude of accepting and playing a role to encourage others, I will be very worried because this will be considered not normal behavior in a survival situation.

Many of these diseases are formed through volcanic eruptions around ancient Egypt hundreds of years ago. During the eruption it became a battle for survival and parasites entered the remaining human remains. When parasites are mated in the body, white cells form and become part of the body’s system. These white cells fool many professionals because there is extreme intelligence and that is where superior intelligence leads to the inclusion of healthy facts rather than the fact of intruding on the human body. Parasitic eggs become known as white cells and are accepted as part of the human body system.

Many people lose their lives there during this time and do not realize that parasitic and bacterial diseases can be transmitted through sexual interaction. Being unaware of diseases that infect the body’s white cells which are inherited as part of the body’s system when in fact they belong to a parasitic creation. Birth infections in infants of those infected are likely to be a large percentage of the population. The Egyptian period of infection of these people has been well demonstrated throughout history and the survival rate at which it is very challenging with a life expectancy is greatly reduced by these infectious cells. Over time the cells have adapted well to the body and learned better survival techniques that have caused serious problems for our society. Blood type antigens where most are affected by these annoying white blood cells and people who have internal temperatures that are too hot.

Many of these diseases are transmitted through sexual contact, influenced by food conditions and of course personal behavior, all have factors that have a major influence on what contributes to the disease. Another major contributing factor is that the disease appears in a chronic sequence. Blocking the flow of oxygen that infects the organ will find its way through the blood system which affects the entire body so that recovery becomes a difficult process.

When the same disease can affect pets and wild, it is important to note that the disease can have great strength behind it. Because intelligence has been collected from various forms of creation, intelligence can also include animal instincts. Animal instincts are one reason the person shows great physical strength when the person carrying the disease feels his survival is threatened. Animals do kill and you will benefit from being careful because it’s possible for people who are sick with animal instinct intelligence to act out of human character and kill other humans. Another caveat to consider is their sexual habitat that has an animal instinctive type of behavior. Because animals have marital rituals and practices that are not considered acceptable human behavior. Rape and the desire to release parasites from sexual organs in men can dominate male behavior to a degree that affects the safety and well-being of others in the community.

I have studied this condition intensively and the facts have been proven. I have been using this holistic drug for parasites, bacteria and meningitis for more than 30 years now with great success. Personal behavior has been greatly influenced in all forms of disease. A warning word with their behavior-based illness is the most difficult to cure because it is strongly influenced by mental and internal disorders and requires a lot of counseling. A professional adviser needs to determine behavior that is related to human behavior or whether behavior that originates from the desire to survive is known as survival behavior.

All the treatments in this paper have been used by myself to cure other people who have suffered serious illnesses. Many professions reject the possibility of causing and causing various forms of bacterial disease and oxygen failure. Increased internal blood and fluid temperature ‘is another worrying problem that causes great discomfort in the internal body system. Another threat to recovery comes from disease intelligence that has taken over many elements of people’s mindsets that cause these people to encourage disease growth because both diseases want survival and the people they suffer.

I found someone’s blood touching all parts of the body flowing through each organ. I became convinced that it must be a blood problem which was initially caused by a lack of oxygen flow and other blocks in the internal system. My research produced a revelation that many people had unbalanced blood flowing through the body there and inadequate supply of oxygen to the internal organs there.

I personally have positive O blood with a negative kel which gives my blood system a good balance. My blood type is considered rare as in the kel type because many people have a positive type where I don’t. I’m also different because I don’t have white cells running through my system. I personally believe that white cells are parasitic eggs that hide in the body’s system until the body environment causes them to hatch. These parasites take oxygen and food supplies which are usually only for organs in your body’s system. White cells have intelligence there because of the fact that they are a form of creation.

Examining where my blood type came from me was to find my protection against many conditions that were from decent natives. I found that protection from parasitic elements entering the body is very good when the blood system has the same qualities, both positive and negative. I also find legitimate people who own land that have a blood type that dominates, passing bloodlines, regardless of married couples. All children from this line have a balance of positive and negative blood flowing through the body there. Where there are couples with different blood groups, a woman’s blood group will be a determining factor for children in the family. This is because of blood compatibility. In most cases, a newborn fetus will choose the strongest and best blood group solution which of course comes from the parents’ DNA.

My research found people with a balanced blood type did not get cancer or help and I believe there is a definite reason behind the inability for this disease. I feel that the native inhabitants of the land are well protected by the blood groups there and many of the disease problems where the lifestyle and food problems in the indigenous and cultural communities are there.

Different blood types work at different temperatures. For a warmer climate, blood is around 23 degrees, which is called cold blood. In cold climates, the blood temperature runs around 24 degrees or slightly higher, which is called warm bleeding. In Australia the sea temperature is around 23 degrees and I believe that is what determines the native population of terrestrial blood temperatures. Australia is a hot climate and home to cold-blooded people and of course animals. Usually a warmer climate will be home to the creation of cold blood and a cooler climate will be home to a warm-blooded climate. The sea temperature of a country is an indication of the temperature for that country’s blood type.

Another factor is a body cleansing system made of water and its function to clean your internal system. The cleaning system works similar to the way we wash our external bodies to keep them free of dirt, clean and healthy. When the water temperature rises above the desired body temperature it becomes uncomfortable and flow develops the impossibility and damaged cleaning function and fails to work to promote good health in our internal body system.

One of the main problems of a fluid system is the abundance of fluid released through the eye tear canal. When the liquid is too hot the person stops crying and fails to release excess fluid through the tear tears. Wednesday, quite often the clear fluid system sits behind the eyes and has a meningitis infection that makes releasing fluid through duck tears impossible. Many of these people have poor vision problems because fluids thicken from movement failure and cause thick walls to prevent instruments that ensure our visual organs in good health become threatened. Fluid systems that are too hot also fail to perform proper cleaning functions on the internal body.

Each seed needs the right conditions to grow and spread both by encouraging good health or attacking disease. Seeds need water, sun, food, and the right environment to grow and develop. The sick seed is no different. Let’s go back and look at the seeds of Tuberculosis that plant themselves in bronchial tubes that are quite often diagnosed as cancer. X-rays will be shown by two small black dots or dark shadows in the bronchial tube.

Over the years I have had problems with persistent bronchial infections that are believed to be tuberculosis and are quite often diagnosed as cancer. My father was also found to have tuberculosis. Unfortunately combined with cancer from scaring tuberculosis in a previous life and his old age caused my father to lose his struggle and he died of his illness. I remember having had an uncontrollable bronchial cough attack and frankly I was fed up with it. My father-in-law has long been an ambulance officer who is now retired doing many first aid courses that I have followed a few. They talk in foreign and swollen objects that they apply ice to the affected area to reduce bruising and that helps the recovery process. Through my frustration with illness, I decided to put ice on the chest where my cough was out of control. I do this to reduce swelling because this is what was taught to me in my first aid course.

When TB is active like when I cough, I put an ice pack in the bronchial tube covering the arrow. Within minutes, I began to feel better and the cough stopped and the illness had not returned. I have been free of this disease for more than 4 years now. By changing my temperature in the immediate area, the conditions for tuberculosis seeds were not suitable for growth and the disease died giving me complete recovery. To my surprise after years of suffering from this disease, I was cured by using ice which reduced the temperature conditions needed by the disease to survive and grow. Special thanks to Grandpa, who continually encouraged me to take first aid courses.

I also found that swelling can occur in the internal physical body, which causes illness and discomfort for the affected person. Placing ice in the bronchial tube allows me to lower my body temperature which makes the conditions for tuberculosis seeds unsuitable. Using this procedure causes the seeds to die, resulting in full recovery.

More and more I study these diseases by using the parable of the seed as in the holy Bible; I was amazed at how many factors how the disease occurred revealed. My findings about many violations can affect the body in various forms and the reasons behind what causes this disease are connected with many lifestyle conditioning. Our behavior, what we eat, how we treat ourselves and others where only a few lifestyle factors play an important role in what condition our body will stay. We can enjoy good or bad health depending on our daily choices. has been.

Cancer has several symptoms in this disease, but I notice that the body seems to use air that should be exhaled as a substitute for oxygen, this is due to a lack of normal organ supply to the body’s system. In my opinion where the affected area lacks oxygen supply, it affects the feeding of organ needs. Because organs or organs desperately need oxygen, they begin to use exhaled air for oxygen which is not an ideal solution but without organ air to die. I felt oxygen failed to move through the affected organs blocking the flow which caused the organs to start to rot. Some of the gases in the body are good for you and this is indicated by fresh blood red. Exhaled air can mix with the body to produce gas that is not suitable for the body so it is important to limit the exhaled air used to supply organs.

Cancer has many causes and can be very threatening to the lives of patients. If you have cancer and have been sent home because there is nothing more to do for you, I encourage you to try a holistic approach to your illness because you will not lose anything and all natural and safe treatments to use. I strongly believe that cancer is caused by the flow of oxygen in the system which causes harmful gases to accumulate and destroy organs in the body. Of course other contributors are injuries that cause internal blockages, overheated blood systems, lack of oxygen flow, poor diet, meningitis and parasites.

Prostrate cancer can be a lack of acceptance for the end of sexual function. Or maybe there are parasites that fill the area of ​​the organ that blocks the flow of oxygen to the organ which also causes harmful gases like carbon. Including of course blood imbalance and possible parasitic infections. Problems that can be corrected by behavior need someone to accept that sexual function is now not a concern. With this reception, the organ will most likely calm down and recover. The seed in this case is the failure to use organs for sexual function because this ability has now stopped. As well as the possibility of parasites filling the organ because it is a form of body discharge. When they multiply and hatch there, the eggs of many parasites are formed and that causes an abundance of sexual organs which causes a failure of oxygen flow.

All organs will struggle to survive and especially with men becoming uncomfortable with changes in their abilities. This disease needs to be persuaded to accept the final function. There are also other medical factors related to this disease, I strongly believe in parasites, the overheating of the blood system causes the form of meningitis to play a major role in this cancer. Other factors include internal breathing problems by exhaling oxygen used to supply the internal body because other elements seem to use the oxygen we breathe. When blood flow is blocked by a foreign body, bruising, swelling, or other causes that affect it creates a buildup of carbon into the blood system.

One reason why Christian baptism is so good for someone is because of the quality of his healing. As a rule, full immersion baptism occurs in cold water. When his body was completely submerged, the person opened there his eyes searching for the Holy Spirit. This action automatically lowers the internal temperature of a person in bacteria that dies instantly, leaving them fresh and cleansed of all forms of parasites, bacteria, or meningitis. All bacteria raise the temperature of the physical body to suit bacteria, parasites or meningitis. Lowering the temperature makes the internal conditions unbearable for infections to maintain survival.

Many brain diseases are also caused by parasites and usually appear in extra points as black spots with black shadows. After the body temperature heats up it is the right condition to incubate parasitic eggs that will block the flow of life-threatening oxygen to the brain. Painful brain disorders actually will suffer in the lower back area. If you experience pain on the left side, especially the upper legs, the bacteria will be on the right side of the brain. If you experience pain on the right side, especially the upper legs, the bacteria will be on the left side of the brain.

With infected seeds, you need to ask what kind of condition is this seed? Is this warmth? What foods do the seeds eat? What are the conditions that make seeds grow and develop. Whether the seed is good or bad, the seed needs the right conditions to grow and develop.

Conditions – hot, warm, cold
Oxygen – flows
What foods are eaten – Does the diet have obsessive needs that dominate
Water – the body consists mainly of water

When someone starts asking these questions about how violations occur in relation to organs. What conditions allow seeds to grow and affect organs? Can the condition be changed? A thorough investigation needs to be done with the infected seed. Don’t forget behavior because this can have a direct effect.

Another condition that affects this disease is food and food intake. I notice that these bacteria want certain forms of food … Many people I know about breast cancer have unhealthy desires and avocado diets. Although this fruit is believed to be healthy for you, it still has the choking properties of mice and other parasitic values. One other important note is the fact that most of these women experience milk intolerance that seems to be related to breast cancer.

When infections form parasites, bacteria, or meningitis, they will need certain foods. For example, when my child is infected with a parasite, he really wants chili. I investigated chili and turned out to be susceptible to parasitic infections especially when body temperature increases. I took out vitamin C tablets in chili sauce and it was effective and healed my sick child. He no longer needs chili sauce; excessive use of this sauce makes me believe that other people in the body want it. It turned out that I was right and fortunately my child was healthy again.

Many infections will determine the diet of people infected with the disease. What I have done is to observe the people who are eating and the form of behavior to determine the preferred condition of the infection. Like my child, it’s chili. You can usually find out what conditions affect certain foods by researching them through search engines on the Internet.

Most of these conditions will be cured with vitamin C. It is important to hide vitamin C in different elements because disease survival skills have developed ways to rid the body of the food environment that will threaten its survival. To ensure vitamin C is hard access to your internal body, you need to develop ways to use vitamins through other sources such as hidden foods that you cook, soaps, creams and nutritious vitamin baths because your body will automatically detect food needs and attract vitamins into organs that need food offered.

Bacteria and infections are smart enough that you need to be resourceful to try and outsmart infections. Bacteria will continue to attack until survival is threatened. Once the survival is threatened, the bacteria will come back down and hibernate. To kill bacterial, parasitic, or meningitis infections, you must make sure the infection is active.

For brain problems, you should use vitamin C in shampoo and conditioner. Try to buy shampoo and conditioner that has vitamin enrichment in it.

With my neurological disorders, I needed to feed this externally through the skin as one of my weakest organs because of the damage I suffered in my early years. I tend to use vitamin-fortified shampoos and conditioners; I put in vitamin C to encourage additional nutrients for the area of ​​my brain. I also have moisturizers made with vitamin C, multivitamins, alovera, and honey mixes. After I mixed the moisturizer, I cleaned the moisturizer into my brain and let it go for about 30 minutes then I and the condition of my hair as usual.

With my family, I tend to use vitamin enrichment in my cooking using herbs and lemon juice to reduce the risk of parasitic infections, I also use a suggestion that is an enriched vitamin powder drink, which comes from chocolate or vanilla in my cake cooking

Sun blocked the good idea to put vitamin C in the block out to keep the product from overheating in the sun which would reduce the risk of sun block becoming infected with any bacteria due to overheating while remaining in the sun. .

In concluding my investigation, I want to show that the first investigation must include looking at the person’s personal behavior. Does the behavior show any behavior or form of behavior that comes from another creation in our society? We live side by side with many other forms of creation and parasites are one of the main intruders. Our garden is there where it is and the parasitic eggs are so small that you need a large microscope to see it. There is an original laying size smaller than one grain of sand. In the body with regulated cold temperatures, these eggs that carry what we eat usually do not hatch. With the emergence of immigration and people whose blood type did not match the land they lived in contributed to the main cause of this parasitic explosion by means of an outbreak.

Parasites cause many other bacterial infections in the body where blood is warm and desirable. Parasites also take up a lot of the body’s oxygen, which then only uses the air exhaled for the person to feed the body’s organs with oxygen. The use of exhaust air for a long time can cause carbon gas to accumulate. Bacteria are very intelligent and will do anything to survive. Bacteria have a tendency to carry out full attacks to try and increase strength. Bacteria will only retreat and become inactive if they are threatened with death. You can’t kill bacteria when you’re not active and these bacteria like to play mind games with the smartest minds.

My recommendation for this disease is to soak the physical body in cold water to make sure the eyes are open because it will make instant changes in body temperature, which will immediately destroy the infected seeds. Increasing your vitamin C intake is also highly recommended because it has a temperature control factor that is very good for the blood system. Another excellent healing method is to use the skin’s ability to enrich your body with nutritious vitamins to help in the recovery process. Fill the bath with warm water into your comfort zone, dissolve vitamin C and multivitamins in water, then add dissolved vitamins into the bath. Add a few drops of alovera and moistened honey. When you soak in a vitamin-enriched bathtub, your physical body will draw vitamins into it from water, which will help you restore a damaged body.

Bacteria show the desired behavior, meaning they will want certain foods so that they remain strong. I believe avocados are one of these foods because many women who suffer from breast cancer seem to have a desire for avocados and there are too many diets supplied with avocados. This is a bacterial desire because when food becomes more dominating than other foods we eat. Bacteria will want foods with the highest oxygen content; Pay attention to your diet because fasting from food for at least one week will help your system more. Or you can use food to kill infection by putting vitamin C into food or soaking it in lemons, oranges, or vitamin-fortified juices c.

Healing is within our reach, it is an approach and style of investigation that requires intensive assessment.

Seeing a disease with a different approach is what I believe will help people to understand balance in life? Every creation has the right to life and it is up to us to ensure that we use care to prevent the formation of parasites in our body which can cause various other diseases. I have included the methods that I use to heal myself and others and I encourage others to try my method because I feel you will definitely benefit from a holistic approach and a professional medical approach.