Humans Can Be Happy With 2 Hours of Sleep

It is known that modern people sleep around 7.5 hours per day on average. The study also found that sleep duration varies from person to person and generally gets shorter with aging: babies can sleep up to 12-18 hours per day, small children for 9-12 hours, teens around 8-10 hours, and adults from around 6 to 9 hours. It is also known that with the development of many chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, COPD, etc.), people generally need more time to sleep. Deliberate efforts to reduce sleep duration for all categories of people were unsuccessful, although some individuals may have shorter sleep requirements.

However, according to clinical observations about 200 Russian doctors practicing Buteyko’s self-oxygenation therapy, when ex-patients achieve superior body oxygenation, they naturally only need 2 hours of sleep and do not have the desire to sleep more. How does it work and why?

Almost all chronic conditions have tissue hypoxia (low body oxygenation) as a normal feature. In cases of cancer, heart disease, and COPD, poor cellular oxygenation is the main factor that determines disease progression and the treatment method used. At the same time, people’s breathing patterns relate or even define the body’s oxygenation. Let’s consider the connection between oxygenation, sleep, and breathing.

For people who are seriously ill and critically ill, oxygen is typically less than 10 in the body. (To measure oxygenation, exhale normally, and count the time to hold your breath in seconds, but only until the first signs of stress or first desire to breathe.) Most of these patients have very poor sleep quality, while sleep duration can up to 10-12 hours or more. The breathing patterns of these people, as we can see easily, deeply and heavily.

When these sick people reach around 35-40 seconds of oxygen in the body, they naturally only spend about 6 hours sleeping refreshingly. Most people who practice Buteyko oxygenation therapy are satisfied with this level of health because they do not experience the symptoms of their disease and do not need medication at this stage.

However, hundreds of Russians continue to progress further. They increase their body’s oxygenation for 2.5-3 minutes and find that their sleep time decreases naturally, once again without trying (!), To be just 2 hours. Dr. Buteyko and many of his medical colleagues are practical examples of this effect.

Amazingly, the same observation (about 2 hours of sleep in perfect health) can be found in books about other breathing training techniques “hatha yoga” (“hatha yoga” means “master breath”).

For both systems, hatha yoga and the Buteyko method, the goal is to reduce / hold breathing using special breathing exercises and natural methods. Physiologically, this goal makes sense because thousands of medical studies prove that the more we breathe (at rest), the less oxygen our tissue gets.

However, Buteyko’s method is more specific and scientific. It was developed by Doctor Buteyko during the 1960s when he led a secret project funded by the Soviet Ministry of Aviation and Space dedicated to the study of optimal air composition in spacecraft for the maximum oxygenation of the first Soviet astronauts. Buteyko studied the interactions between unconscious breathing patterns, breathing exercises, body oxygenation, and various systems of the human body. He realized that deep or large breathing reduced the body’s oxygenation and caused dozens of other physiological abnormalities.

There are different mechanisms for how the body’s breathing and oxygenation affect our sleep. They involve oxygenation and relaxation of our brain and muscles, central nervous system stability (excessive breathing makes nerve cells unstable), blood flow, work of the immune system, hormone activity, sympathetic parasympathetic balance, and many other processes.

Friendly Bacteria Benefit the Human Body

Friendly bacteria benefit the human body in many ways. In short, they:

ACIDIFY THE COLON: The ideal pH of the large intestine is between 6.7 and 6.9. Acetic acid and lactic acid are some of the by-products that help create this. The acidic environment inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella, which causes food poisoning; shigella, the main cause of diarrhea; and e. coli, which can cause intestinal disease and kidney failure. Good bacteria also produce volatile fatty acids which, together with other acids, make mushrooms and yeast (candida) difficult to survive.
NORMALIZE THE BOWEL MOVEMENT by reducing the time it takes for the waste product to move through the digestive system. They also stop diarrhea and improve constipation.
IMPROVING THE IMUN SYSTEM. Good bacteria help stimulate the formation of antibodies that protect our body from infectious diseases.
HELP TO PRODUCE VITAMIN. Good bacteria help produce vitamin K, which is needed for blood clotting and new bone formation.
HELP IN MAKING Lactation. This is an enzyme needed to digest milk and milk products. Without lactase, milk allergy is a sure thing.
DELETE TOXIC ELEMENTS. Lactobacillus acidophilus deactivates various toxic compounds produced by other organisms or in food.
Playing an important role in reducing cholesterol. A high-fiber diet and good bacterial flora can reduce cholesterol levels, protect against colon cancer, and even improve fat digestion by providing more bile acids.
Helps eliminate gas problems. The right bacteria in the large intestine remove intestinal gas and sweeten the breath. Bad breath (halitosis) is often caused when “bad” bacteria take over the large intestine and produce foul-smelling waste. These gases can be released or absorbed back into the blood and carried to the lungs and exhaled. All breath sweets in the world will not improve bad breath caused by intestinal problems. I know a neighbor who has just bad breath and body odor. His wife kept asking me what supplements I could give to her husband to stop her bad breath. This woman has tried every free drug for halitosis known to mankind and no one has succeeded. Knowing this man and his diet, I knew that the contents of his stomach had just been filled (he had what I called “his dirty stomach” – big and hard) from the years of eating wrong. He didn’t want to consider bowel cleansing as I suggested here, so he and his bad breath (and his wife who was disappointed) went on as usual. We will discuss autointoxication in Chapter.

Again, a good balance of bacteria is very important for optimal health and a good digestive system. Imbalance can make the body vulnerable to diseases such as digestive problems, skin problems, acne, reduced immunity, arthritis, liver and gallbladder problems, memory failure, hypertension, fatigue, and migraine headaches, to name a few.

Many people think the only reason to take lactobacillus acidophilus as a supplement is if they have some type of intestinal or digestive problem. The truth is that friendly bacteria in your intestine have a wide range of effects that you might never dream of. These hard-working organisms produce various substances that can prevent cancer tumors, deactivate viruses, produce natural antibodies and vitamins, and reduce cholesterol. New research has linked these bacteria to more miracles.

The last note about “gardening”. Keep in mind that lactobacilli acidophilus is a living organism, and as a result they are very vulnerable to death and lose its effectiveness. Most of the culture that you buy must be stored in the refrigerator or frozen to sustain it. There are several brands that don’t have to be cooled (which are comfortable when traveling), and they are active in the intestine. They should be taken on an empty stomach 20 to 40 minutes before meals when your acid and digestive juices are not produced in large quantities. I recommend taking this living organism first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that it lines the intestinal tract.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Humans

We will come to the summer months now, and meanwhile more time in the sun and more family gatherings, that also means the mosquitoes will return to greet a long visit. Why do mosquitoes feel the need to disturb us? Here are some reasons why you are so tempted by small blood suckers.

First, everything comes down to sweat. When you sweat, mosquitoes know that you are just waiting to happen, mostly because it makes your scent such a way that makes it rather attractive. Sweating also contributes to a number of other factors that mosquitoes cannot suffice, such as body heat (because you sweat when it’s hot), moisture, and lactic acid. All three are things that mosquitoes look for normally, and you happen to have those qualities in one place. Exercising will definitely make you sweat out the trail of lactic acid along with making you moist and appetizing, so deciding to go jogging during the summer months might just be walking through the challenge of mosquitoes.

But that doesn’t stop there. Mosquitoes also want to do very well movements, meaning that everything you have to do is active and they will be ready to dive in to you. This is in line with exercise, which only shows that exercising outside is probably best done at times when the weather is rather cold because mosquitoes cannot stand cold temperatures.

When your barbecue starts, you will tend to talk more, which means you will spend more CO2 than usual, something which, unsurprisingly, mosquitoes like to die. The more you talk, the more you attract evil insects to spend time around you, hoping to get a chance to eat. The CO2 only acts as a target, directing them in the right direction, something the bonfire does too, so why do mosquitoes appear when the bird comes out.

All things that breathe also create something called octenol formed from the air you exhale and your saliva. This chemical is one that can be detected by mosquitoes up to 100 feet and is very loving. It seems like mosquitoes cannot get enough humans to interact with humans in any way.

Even stranger, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. You will think they will discriminate with their taste, but not. Wearing dark clothes paints your body, pulling mosquitoes left and right to see what this dark and delicious shape looks like.

None of these things will produce a mosquito attraction for you, but combine two, three, or even all of these together and you have a surefire way to make sure you bite the bites for days.